Club Leadership

The Exchange Club of Naperville is fortunate to have strong leadership, with a clear vision and a passion for our mission. It is through the hard work of this leadership, on both the board and committees, that the Exchange Club is making a real difference in our communities.

2016-2017 Officers & Board of Directors

President: Bob Pschirrer
President-Elect: Robin Choquette
Secretary: Trish Krenick
Treasurer: Jerry Kochurka


Vice-President: Joel Carlsen Director: John Dunham
Vice-President: Jeff Coros Director: Jan Jacobs
Vice-President: Scott Duenser Director: Emy Trotz
Vice-President: Bruce Erickson Director: Rick Grimes
Vice-President: Dot Maginot Director: Peggy McGuire
Vice-President: Todd Peterson Director: Diane Simmons


Immediate Past President: Dan DeBoo (2015-2016)
Past President: Bob Black (2014-2015)
Past President: Dawn Portner (2013-2014)
Past President: Jen Odin Cavalier (2012-2013)


Exchange Club of Naperville Committees, 2016-2017

Allocations Committee:

Co-Chairs: Barry Greenberg, Diane Simmons
Board Liaison: Bob Black


Chair: Carla Nolidis
Liaison: Bob Black


Chair: Todd Peterson
Liaison: Dawn Portner

Care Committee:

Chair: Donna Sable
Liaison: Bob Black

Community Service:

Chair: Jen Cavalier
Liaison: Janet Jacobs


Chair: Jerry Kochurka
Liaison: [open]

Membership Engagement:

Chair: Fred McEwen
Liaison: Emy Trotz

Past Presidents:

Chair: Frank Mallinder, Mike Maher
Liaison: [open]

Project HELP:

Chair: Vicki Coletta
Liaison: Dan DeBoo

Public Relations:

Chair: Emy Trotz
Liaison: Dot Maginot


Chair: Diane Simmons
Liaison: Dan DeBoo

Strategic Planning:

Chair: Rick Grimes
Liaison: Bruce Erickson


Chair: Robin Choquette
Liaison: Dawn Portner


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